asked May 26 '19 at 12:23 by Ouxh (13)

Bitwig 2.5.1 MacOS


I've noticed that when I consolidate a series of chopped clips, the clip fades between them are ignored. To explain what I'm trying to achieve:

I have an 8 bar recording of a bass line, and I've chopped each note and manually repitched them to be in key with the rest of the project. I applied small clip fades between the chops, as it's too difficult to have them all join at exactly 0 crossing. The fades remove any audible clicking and any edits I've made are undetectable.

I want to consolidate this new edited phrase into it's own file, so that it's easier to manipulate within the arrangement (looping and whatnot).

When I highlight the desired region and consolidate (or bounce in place for that matter), the resulting file has audible clicking where each chop was, as a result of there being no fade to soften the transitions.

Can this be changed/is there a workaround outside of manually recording that phrase into a new channel?

It would be great if clip fades being included in a consolidated/bounced file was considered in a future update!

Kind Regards,


Hi Will,

I'm guessing you are coming from Live. Check the following video out from Baphometrix.

Bitwig 15 - Audio editing gotchas and tricks vs Ableton (I can't seem to link it from the beginning btw!)


answered May 26 '19 at 15:55 by sound-fx (35)


You guessed correctly, and thanks for posting this. Had absolutely 0 buyers regret migrating to Ableton, and up until this point that's just been me effectively using Bitwig as if it were Ableton. I'm just over 6 minutes into this video and I realize I have a lot to discover with Bitwig.

I should probably sink my teeth a little more into Bitwig and learn it as it's own DAW. I'm almost certainly missing most of it. Been a long time since I've sat down and watched DAW tutorials.

Thanks again for responding! Very helpful.

Kind Regards,


  — (May 26 '19 at 20:33) Ouxh

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