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Hi friends. I am very close to switch over to Bitwig for my music producing and composing for film. My major concern is using Bitwig composing for film. One of my concerns is when changing to different tempo´s and time signatures during a 85min film. Is there a way to change Tempo without having the clips move in the timeline.

For example if I have composed a song at 34:00 mins into the film and change the tempo at any point before 34:00 it will make all audio after 34:00min move to another point of the film, and all my sync points have been lost.

In cubase you can change the behavior per track to either "Musical mode" or "Linear" mode. In Linear mode this solves the problem, so even if you change the BPM for a specific area, the rest still stays in the timeline.

Is there any way in Bitwig to make this work?

Here´s a video about how it works in Cubase.

Many thanks for your time and help. //Ted

Hi Ted,

honestly I am not sure that you can currently have that behavior with Bitwig.

If you look, all the clips time references are expressed as song positions.

You can activate a real-time ruler but you cannot "tie" a clip to a specific absolute time position, or a marker.

So, I think you have to ask to the developer if they have foreseen a feature like that, writing to



answered May 27 '19 at 02:50 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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