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Hi Everyone - I'd appreciate some help. I have a plugin (in this case Cthulhu) which generates MIDI notes not present in the original clip that is driving it. I can route this MIDI around to instruments just fine - but I haven't been able to find a way to capture the generated MIDI to a clip. Is there any way to take the MIDI stream and capture it to a track such that the output of the plugin is 'rendered' to MIDI? My goal is to break parts of the generated chords in to my bass line and pads. I have tried placing a Note Receiver on its own with Cthulhu as the source and running record during the loop but nothing is populated in the track.

I'm new to Bitwig so any pointers would be extremely helpful, thanks!

Hi postl,

I do not have such a plugin to verify, but I believe that if you create another midi track, let's call the new one B and the "original" A, and you select the A track as input for B and you route the note output of A track on B, you can record the midi events.

You do that in the inspector for each the track.

Just remember to arm the track B for recording.

Please let me know if it works for you or if you need further directions.

In positive case, please add [Solved] to the title of this topic and mark the correct answer as the answer.

Otherwise let me know and I will try harder... :-)

Best regards,



answered May 29 '19 at 13:23 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Yes! This was it. I needed to change the input for the new track in the inspector from All In's to the plugin that is producing the new MIDI, then run the track with Record on. Thanks for the help!

  — (May 30 '19 at 05:11) postl

I did something like this, what I noticed was that I had to have midi notes added to Cthulu first (e.g. I couldn't just have Cthulu running) in order to generate the chords.

This video tutorial got me going:


answered Feb 14 at 17:40 by timjaeger (11)

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