asked Jun 02 at 04:57 by notecrusher (21)

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I'm running Bitwig 2.5.1 Demo. In SETTINGS - Controllers, I add my NI Komplete Kontrol S49. I cannot get the "power button" to turn orange. When I click it, it stays gray. (The drivers are there in the dropdown menus.) As a result, I can't trigger any devices with the S49, so can't use Bitwig.

No problem with the S49 in Ableton or Cakewalk.

I tried the DrivenByMoss extension for KK. The KK's PRESET field reads "BITWIG" and the light guide is orange across the keyboard, but power button still won't go on in the Bitwig dashboard and still no sound.

The solution was to delete all configured controllers and select the "Native Instruments KK S49 Driven by Moss" controller in the Bitwig dashboard.


answered Jun 04 at 20:07 by notecrusher (21)

Hi, I have no experience with any NI product. being a Linux user I avoid to buy things that require strange software drivers.

Have you tried to use it as a Generic keyboard with 8 knobs?

Does it work with that configuration?

Just to ask, which OS are you using?



answered Jun 02 at 23:31 by fsciarra62 (804)

Thank you! That worked, at least partially. Keys and knobs are working. Transport controls are not. Maybe they can be mapped manually?

OS is Windows 7.


answered Jun 03 at 00:46 by notecrusher (21)

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Happy for you, at least you can enjoy a little music...

Well, actually you might map virtually anything using controller script API.

I am not proficient at all in that ... My impulse49 doesn't work very well neither, but at the end, for now, I can live with generic controller.

You might write to Moss, the kk script developer, asking to shed a light...

And to, obviously.

Happy ng...



answered Jun 03 at 01:48 by fsciarra62 (804)

Moss's extension for the KK doesn't work either. Same problem: the power light won't turn orange in the Bitwig dashboard.


answered Jun 03 at 05:19 by notecrusher (21)

Ok, that was clear from your message... I meant you should contact him for support on his script. Fabrizio


answered Jun 03 at 16:30 by fsciarra62 (804)

OK I'll post to his thread on kvr and see if he responds.


answered Jun 03 at 20:01 by notecrusher (21)

Hey, I got it working with Moss's extension with his help! He is a great asset to the Bitwig community.


answered Jun 03 at 22:00 by notecrusher (21)

Hey, would you mind to report here how you got it working, and change the title to [Solved]?

Just to let people know...

Happy you worked your issue on.



answered Jun 04 at 19:16 by fsciarra62 (804)

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