asked Jun 03 '19 at 08:37 by aaltodoc (11)

I try to fill empty clip with some notes. After empty clip is generated, how can one access it and setSteps/notes to fill the clip? Any help is very appreciated! I tried to read the API and forums, but found no answer.

 var mylauncherSlots = mytrack.clipLauncherSlotBank();
 mylauncherSlots.createEmptyClip(4,8); //Empty clip created;
 var clipslot = mylauncherSlots.getItemAt(4); //I try to get access to the clip

//THIS DOES NOT WORK -> results in error: 'setStep is not a function'
 //how to get access to the actual 'clip' in the slot?

OK, I got great answer from Mossgraber, thank you!. The cursor clip is way to go:

myclip = host.createLauncherCursorClip(64,127); //size of the grid, here several bars - 64 and all midinotes - 127 ...; //select the clip to be the cursorclip myclip.clearSteps(); myclip.setStep(j, (2,5,64,0.25);


answered Jun 03 '19 at 18:28 by aaltodoc (11)

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