asked Jun 05 at 14:17 by audiunt (30)

Can't get my head around this: When you insert a multi output plugin (Omnisphere for example) and Add Missing Chains (outputs?) all these outputs get routed through the main Instrument track. No way to change this. This is not what I need. I need routing freedom :-)

So I added a new Hybrid Track and selected as Input 'Audio Input Tracks > Omnisphere > Omnisphere Chains > Omnisphere A (1/2) (Post) and under Output 'Notes To Track > Plugins > Omnisphere > Omnisphere. This does send MIDI notes to the correct Instrument Track, but audio isn't routed to the Hybrid Track. Same with just an Audio Track.

Audio Receiver does the job for Audio, but converting it to a hybrid track doesn't let you select the Omnisphere as a midi destination. It also gets a bit weird when using Solo.

Does anybody have another solution for this type of audio/midi routing?


I do not own Omnisphere so maybe I cannot be of any help, but I ask you if you can provide detailed description of what you wnat to achieve, instead of how to do it...

I do not understand why you send midi data back to the audio and viceversa...

So, try to explain what you need, in simple words that an idiot like me can understand... I agree that you would not ask any help to an idiot... You got a point with this... :-D



answered Jun 05 at 15:19 by fsciarra62 (822)

The specific VSTi doesn't matter as long as it is multi-timbral (has multiple audio outputs). So it could be Native Instruments Kontakt/Battery/Reaktor or Omnisphere. If you enable the multiple-outputs (Add Missing Chains) on the Instrument and unfold them in the mixer (double arrows) you can see that all added mixer lanes are routed through the Instrument mixer lane.

Now imagine that in 1 Kontakt instance I have drums, strings and a bass sound on seperate midi/audio channels. I would like to route these Kontakt outputs in Bitwig to separate busses (for example bus bass/drums/leads). This is not possible because all Kontakt outputs are summed on the instrument track and the individual channels can't be routed to other channels by default. Only with tricks like Audio Receiver etc.

Is this a bit more clear?


answered Jun 05 at 15:38 by audiunt (30)

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Just to say, Audio Receiver is not a trick, it is a very powerful routing device you can insert everywhere in a device chain... A flexibility hardly paired, IMHO.

  — (Jun 05 at 22:32) fsciarra62

Well... Not really...

I do not have those plugins, I'm a poor Linux user.

But I have Architect, currently in demo.

Architect has multi output. Just for the sake of trying routing.

I select Add Missing Chains...

Then I add audio tracks and select for each track input the Architect output I want.... PRE o POST, Mono or Stereo... I guess this is just Architect, but I imagine it's the same for your plugins.

I guess your plugin is able to route incoming MIDI data with multiple channels to the right destination. So you can add other MIDI tracks and route all the note output you want to the Plugin track, preserving the channel information (select Same or select the channel you want to map the midi data in the inspector).

I cannot try this for you, but this is a very flexible environment, related to routing. So I do not understand what you miss...

I beg your pardon, as I have told you I'm a bit retarded... :-D But happy to help, if I can...



answered Jun 05 at 22:29 by fsciarra62 (822)

edited Jun 05 at 22:36

Hey, searching the internet, I have just found this old article, from 2015, but maybe can be of help for you...

  — (Jun 05 at 22:40) fsciarra62

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