asked Jun 09 '19 at 22:11 by omalley (11)

Hi every one, i purchased Bitwig for 6 months now and i use it on Windows and Linux (I prefer linux btw). Nevermind, I have this tiny problem which is : i can not run BW and watch some Youtube Videos " at the same time", means, when BW is open, and it's annoying. I learn MAO largely from tutos and tricks from YT. Is anyone knows how can I do that? thanks a lot in advance ! I run BW 3 beta 4 on Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco dingo).



Hi Clem,

just run bitwig on jack and install the pulseaudio jack sink...

Remember to route the sink output to the same output you use with Bitwig.

And check that the browser output in pulseaudio control goes to the sink.



answered Jun 10 '19 at 02:13 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Ok i ll try that; thanks a lot!


answered Jun 10 '19 at 09:39 by omalley (11)

Please, let me know if it works or if you experience other troubles. Fabrizio

  — (Jun 10 '19 at 16:04) fsciarra62

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