asked Jun 14 '19 at 19:20 by straechav (41)

Is there a plans to add Conditonal Triggers (in the style of Elektron sequencers) in Bitwig? I'm thinking having a section in Info panel when clicking on a note in midi clip and being to able to add percentage chance and/or conditions (only if previous condition triggered, only if previous condition did not trigger, only every 1/2 cycles, every 1/3, etc) like in Elektron sequencer. This would be a minimal change to the interface. It would probably even be something rather minor for a programmer to do.

But the additional power to simple MIDI sequences would immense. Even without the ability to do the full Elektron Parameter locking stuff, just conditional midi loops would absolutely make my life 100x easier, especially in live performances. There isn't even a good VST sequencer to do this for you, so you would actually break some ground.

The only thing I know of that might be able to give you what you want, is the "chance" module in The Grid.


answered Jun 28 '19 at 13:50 by sticklebrick (388)

I too would dearly love to see this implemented


answered Jul 09 '19 at 23:17 by tyquinn (11)

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