asked Jun 19 '19 at 16:02 by XandY (21)

Hi, I tried to map something to 'toggle micro pitch editing' so that i could press a key to get out and in of that editing mode in the note editor, however it does nothing. Having to click the little button every time gets a bit tedious, so was wondering if I've missed something.

If you look in the shortcuts list, the combo is "Shift + Alt + M" but it doesn't work! I think there is problem with this function...


answered Jun 28 '19 at 17:45 by sticklebrick (404)

Me and another producer have spoken to Bitwig, the issue is confirmed as a bug, and should (might) be fixed for 3.0


answered Jun 28 '19 at 18:14 by XandY (21)

3.0.3, and still not fixed... This kind of function is so usefull with a key. Any news ?


answered Sep 30 '19 at 14:49 by Mathiross (11)

.. + 1, this would safe a lot of time while editing!


answered Oct 10 '19 at 18:35 by Mugison (11)

edited Oct 10 '19 at 18:35

I've just stumbled across this myself, current vertsion is 3.1.1. It really can't believe that such a simple thing still isn't fixed 5 months later. I will write an email to the support team, maybe they've just forgotten about it because there were more important things to focus on.


answered Jan 03 at 23:48 by Lucariololxdrofl (11)

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