asked Jun 20 at 16:38 by icaroguerreiro (50)

I dont need 1/32 Adaptive by default, how to change it? (w/o change grid size everytime i create a clip)

BWS 2.5

How to change, is easy but why u have not "automatic"? Do you have 1/32 in every new Project?

i have automatic 1/16 straight...snap to Grid as default.

Read here:


answered Jun 21 at 12:57 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

I try on BW2.5 and BW3Beta6

Cause i rarely use 1/32, I use this only on some textures and when i make a "offgrid feels groove".

For me its 1/32 in every new Clip(on same project too). I think this is a monitor size/zoom related thing, but why not have a default setting for this?

I read the link and this works only on Arranger View, but not inside a clip.

Buuuut, now i Increase GUI Scale to 125% and now its 1/16 by default.


answered Jun 21 at 17:52 by icaroguerreiro (50)

Interessting that the grid is "linked" to the GUI Scale... Make Support Ticket if it looks like a logical "issue". cheers

  — (Jun 22 at 19:12) BlackHoleNFO

Problem with Automatic is that it depends on your screen resolution. If you have an higher resolution it will always automatically set to 1/32. On my laptop it defaults to 1/16. Very annoying.

My workaround are the keyboard shortcuts:

  • '/ ' for disabling automatic and sets it immediately to 1/16
  • ',' and '. ' for changing the quantize

But you have to do this on each new track. An option in the settings menu would be very welcome.



answered Jun 25 at 09:50 by audiunt (20)

Thank you very much for the reply, I will work on the information you gave me.

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answered Jul 11 at 03:39 by junepayne (11)

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