asked Jun 20 '19 at 18:29 by Jeremysfx (132)

As many of you are aware there are a decent number of manufacturers who's plugins do not function properly inside of Bitwig studio. McDSP and Softubes to name 2. I know for certain that McDSP does NOT test their plugins within Bitwig. The only way to get them to do so is to let them know. PLEASE ! Contact the plugin Manufacturer your having issues with. Ask them if they're plugins get tested with Bitwig (Chances are they do not ). If not then ask them to please add Bitwig to their testing process.

This is the only way I can think of that we might get some of these manufacturers to budge and fix these serious issues. I, for one, am extremely disappointed that all of my McDSP plugins and many of my Softubes plugins cause serious issues. Likewise it would be great if Bitwig could keep a list of plugins that cause problems. This way we know who to contact without testing each plugin. (maybe make a sticky?)


Hey, I agree with you!

My experience is a bit different because I use Linux and plugins developers, like U-He and OvertoneDSP, Loomer, DiscoDSP, works very well and developers are aware of Bitwig.

And, honestly, I had very good experience with all of them, very few if no issues at all...

And support, expecially from U-He, which develops gorgeus plugins, is just great.

I know, I belong to a minority, but the very selected developers I use are great and multiplatform...

Maybe other users might find that using OvertoneDSP for their hardware-emulated equalizers, limiters, etc. and all the fantastic synths from U-HE (have you tried last Hive 2.0 incarnation?) just pays more than having tons of problematic plugins...

That's clearly my 2c, my experience, my opinion... I am in no way tied to these vendors if not just grateful for the quality of their products... (String machine emulation from Loomer makes me tremble)... And DiscoDSP discoveryPRO is just, just... try...



answered Jun 21 '19 at 11:23 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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