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I can map a midi keyboard to control tap tempo (via shortcuts), but for some reason the KeithMcMillian BopPad won't work. But it does works with midi notes in general, and mapping, for instance, stop/play.

Does it have to do with how tap tempo works in Bitwig? What can I do about it? I just switched to Bitwig and this feature is of critical importance (the drummer set the tempo by playing on the drumset and on the midi pad)

EDIT: I noticed that if I tap tempo with a shortcut while the controller is mapped to tap tempo, Bitwig register only the one "tap" from the controller. Any ideas?

works fine for me. you probably have to fine tune your settings in your BopPad. You should have it send velocity information only. The BopPad can also sends CC messages. In the BopPad Editor my Quadrant only has a single row activated: Velocity:


answered Jun 29 '19 at 08:10 by Jeremysfx (132)

Yes. That's is correct. I understand your solution now. It very helpful as well

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answered Jul 12 '19 at 04:48 by erikastokes (11)

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