asked Jul 01 '19 at 23:17 by mortoray (73)

I'm looking for a good way to manage audio tracks that are essentially split. For example, I have a bass-track, but record it into two separate tracks - Bass 1 - Bass 2

Since I can't have overlapping audio, I need to keep the separate tracks. But I want to apply all effects, volume, etc. on to just one logical Bass track. I could use FX tracks for this, but it doesn't feel right.

I tried setting the output of one track to the other, but it appears the audio from the destination track takes priority, cancelling the other track entirely.

Is there a recommended way to combine these tracks into a logical one -- and not have them take up so much space?

I would just group the 2 tracks and insert effects on the group


answered Jul 01 '19 at 23:52 by Antuan (693)

Groups do what I want thank you.

They're a bit hard to work with the clips inside the group. When I enter the group I can't see any of the other tracks. Is there a way I can edit the group without losing the view of the others ones? Like an expanded/collapsed view.


answered Jul 02 '19 at 10:08 by mortoray (73)

Give an eye to "layered editing"

And you can just expand the group.



answered Jul 04 '19 at 02:13 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

edited Jul 04 '19 at 08:12

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