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Similar to Arrange view behavior, why not add a preference to set the "play start" position wherever we click in the background of the Detail Editor Panel (instead of having to mouse up to the timeline/header every time)??

Similarly, when using the Time Selection tool in Detail Editor Panel and we highlight a section (by click/dragging), why not set the play start position at the beginning of that highlighted section (just like it's done in the Arrange view)???

Those two additions will greatly improve the workflow when editing clips (MIDI or Audio) in the Detail Editor Panel.


In Ableton it's so easy, you press Alt+Spacebar and it will playback from any arbitrary point in time you select while editing midi, wow, Bitwig still needs this in 3.x? is it fixed?


answered Mar 28 at 02:12 by bwet (11)

yeah I’m still surprised this isn’t already supported... such a workflow killer!

On a positive note, Bitwig support said they will look into it but couldn’t provide any confirmation if/when it will be added...

  — (Apr 07 at 12:02) samtrino

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