asked Jul 05 '19 at 00:48 by mikeh (9)

I have recently migrated from one (Windows) computer to another. Obviously bringing my Btwig Common Folder to the new computer. The problem is I can't seem to find where my "Device Remote Control Mapping Pages" are - I spent a ton of time on my old computer mapping all my VSTs out the way I want to, and now I'm back to square one! Surely there's a better way to synchronize these pages between computers? Where is this information stored on disk? Special emphasis on Windows, though I'm sure Mac and Linux people will want to know too!

Found the sneaky devil. They're stored in a hidden directory inside the path chosen for "My Library" in the Bitwig Locations preferences: [path-to-library]/.settings/devices/[incomprehensible-device-id]/XX.bwremotecontrols

It would be great if Bitwig would make their file management a little more transparent, especially for those of us who are accustomed to using a VCS like git to manage projects and config files. It would be great to have everything stored in human-readable, diffable, mergeable plain text, rather than some obscure proprietary binary format.


answered Aug 08 '19 at 01:02 by dgmulf (88)

edited Aug 08 '19 at 01:02

Actually, the device id thing is probably about as good as they can do - It's probably literally a checksum of some part of the DLL. Still this at least solves the problem of keeping them synchronized between computers, I would imagine those device IDs carry over. I'll test later when I finally try to import my old mappings. For what it's worth, looks like the same files are there on Windows.

  — (Aug 08 '19 at 04:18) mikeh

.bwremotecontrols you can search this term with "Everything" -searchengine and founds all on your system.

  — (Aug 08 '19 at 10:27) BlackHoleNFO

Seconding this question! I even tried analyzing my filesystem (on Linux) for any changes after saving a custom Remote Control Page, and I still can't find it!


answered Aug 07 '19 at 03:28 by dgmulf (88)

Hmm, that's disappointing. And confusing. Maybe try it again but this time, edit and save a remote control page, then exit bitwig, and then see which files get hit? It's possible it's not persisting those changes to disk immediately for whatever reason but exiting the program should cause a flush.. That stuff has to live somewhere, it's clearly not living in our accounts in the cloud or I imagine it would synchronize between computers - so it has to be on disk somewhere... Were you maybe only looking for new files? Might also be worth checking lsof to see what Bitwig keeps open..

  — (Aug 07 '19 at 04:58) mikeh

Can this help? Maybe follow links too:


answered Aug 07 '19 at 10:18 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

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