asked Jul 05 at 11:46 by ricwar (11)

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I have down loaded the silent way demo and installed it into a VST folder. On start up Bitwig 2.4.3 says silent way taking to long to scan Options then are wait longer or skip Waiting longer has no effect and so I am unable to use my es-4 to control my modular, and lets be honest modular and hardware integration are one of the major advertising features of Bitwig.

thanks any help?

Win 10 BW 2.4.3 Silent Way 2.8.0

Actually you do not need any external software to use hardware integration with Bitwig: it is embedded using the HW instruments.

This is the major advertised feature, and it is true.

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answered Jul 05 at 15:40 by fsciarra62 (814)

Appreciate that as I use those with my midi synths. This is about using silent way with the ES 4 to allow up to 8 CV out of my Non DC coupled focusrite interface. Silent way is a VST that wont scan. :(



answered Jul 05 at 20:32 by ricwar (11)


silent way is taking to long to scan this happens with Bitwig

2.3.5 2.4.3 now upgraded 2.5 and 3.0 beta also tried it on my laptop

both CPU's are AMD does anyone know if this is an issue


answered Jul 06 at 13:00 by ricwar (11)

To my knowledge, as already told you, you do not need Silent way. You can use Expert Sleepers.stuff from Bitwig alone. Look at Hw cv instruments.


answered Jul 06 at 13:05 by fsciarra62 (814)

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