asked Feb 24 '15 at 14:15 by sacredsounds (11)

Hi guys, brand new Bitwigger here.. quite excited, its amazing so far. :)

At first play this week, I'm noticing a few things missing from feature set. but won't go into all that now, just a quick question

In the clip launcher - when I'm busy programming like a 4 bar loop for instance - Playback always seems to start from the beginning of the clip - lets say I'm edit bar 4.2 with a little drum roll - i push play and then i have to wait for the timeline marker to play from bar 1 beat 1 all the way everytime

Is there not a way (like in ableton) to Cue from the closest bar rather. its rather annoying and time wasting to have to hear the whole long loop just to see whether that little hi-hat works on bar 4:2:1 !!!?????

In the arranger view click at the top of the timeline near the beat markers. It will create a little blue flag. Stop and then start again to start where the blue flag is.alt text

If you are editing the clip that is in a scene do this:

  1. Stop playback
  2. Double click in the clip edit where you want to start play from. (reference pick below; double click 2.1 for example)
  3. It will start playing.
  4. Press stop and then start again to start playing from the point you selected on step 2.

alt text


answered Feb 24 '15 at 18:11 by SonicElements (318)

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