asked Jul 11 at 00:02 by GazOrnaplatz (31)

Just upgraded from 2.5.1 to 3.0. Now every selection under Quickstart (play keys, play synths, play drums, etc) displays the error message: "Could not open project - Can't use project template" when I click on the open button.

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so you can take money with no delay but not fix problems or answer questions for 2 days?


answered Jul 13 at 20:48 by DonaldCollins (21)

I uninstalled v3.0 and reinstalled v2.5.1 and everything is working fine. Hopefully v3.0 will be patched soon to correct this error.


answered Jul 15 at 14:09 by GazOrnaplatz (31)

same problem, reinstall did not fix.


answered Jul 13 at 20:49 by DonaldCollins (21)

Same problem here. Fresh install of Bitwig Studio 8-Track on WIndows 10. Neither Template Project nor Bitwig Demo Projects works. Both end up with the above mentioned message.


answered Jul 14 at 20:13 by colonelz (11)

edited Jul 14 at 20:14

"(your upgrade plan includes this version.)" Maybe, but none of the packages are supported, so the upgrade has rendered Bitwig unusable.

I strongly suggest avoiding installing Bitwig 3.0 until there's a response on this thread.


answered Jul 15 at 13:51 by j_thornton (13)

edited Jul 15 at 14:02

First-time install by a new user - exactly the same problem here - not a happy bunny. Even 'free' software is meant to work!!!


answered Jul 16 at 21:35 by GuitarPhil (9)

and still no response from another greedy company. great company.


answered Jul 16 at 23:01 by DonaldCollins (21)

No wonder I'm getting this error - the Documents > BitWig Studio > Library > Templates folder is EMPTY, as is the Projects folder.

I'm on Windows 10 (64-bit) and I installed with the default folder locations etc.


answered Jul 17 at 16:58 by GuitarPhil (9)

Same problem here. Why is the upgrade offered if it doesn't work?


answered Jul 18 at 03:06 by jamps (11)

There isn't even the option to download the older version which perhaps would work.

Still no response from 'Support' after five days since the OP :-(


answered Jul 18 at 12:23 by GuitarPhil (9)

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