asked Jul 11 at 00:02 by GazOrnaplatz (31)

Just upgraded from 2.5.1 to 3.0. Now every selection under Quickstart (play keys, play synths, play drums, etc) displays the error message: "Could not open project - Can't use project template" when I click on the open button.

so you can take money with no delay but not fix problems or answer questions for 2 days?


answered 2 days ago by DonaldCollins (21)

I uninstalled v3.0 and reinstalled v2.5.1 and everything is working fine. Hopefully v3.0 will be patched soon to correct this error.


answered 14 hours ago by GazOrnaplatz (31)

same problem, reinstall did not fix.


answered 2 days ago by DonaldCollins (21)

Same problem here. Fresh install of Bitwig Studio 8-Track on WIndows 10. Neither Template Project nor Bitwig Demo Projects works. Both end up with the above mentioned message.


answered yesterday by colonelz (11)

edited yesterday

"(your upgrade plan includes this version.)" Maybe, but none of the packages are supported, so the upgrade has rendered Bitwig unusable.

I strongly suggest avoiding installing Bitwig 3.0 until there's a response on this thread.


answered 14 hours ago by j_thornton (11)

edited 14 hours ago

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