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Absolutely loving The Grid but I think one thing I would really like is a module similar to the 'Status' module in the Nord G2 or the 'Voice Info' module in Reaktor, which just outputs the current voice number of a polyphonic patch.

This allows very precise control of parameters on a per-voice level, which for me is the really killer feature of a polyphonic modular environment. I know there are ways to do some of this stuff outside The Grid but it would be nice to just be able to access the voice number directly inside The Grid!

When I need to listen to stacked voices separately, I use a layer of DC offset devices, each modulated by a different voice. You need to split voices into two L/R channels first.

Here's my preset: link


answered Jul 12 at 06:05 by miller (21)

Hey, thanks

I don't really want this feature for controlling stacked voices but for addressing individual voices in a polyphonic patch from within The Grid

As I say I know there are ways of getting per-voice parameter control using the voice stacking features so it's not the end of the world, there's nothing I'm actually being prevented from doing. It's just that it is a bit fiddly to have to go outside of The Grid to do so.

I also appreciate that it's probably not that many people who would use this feature. I'd like it in there and (I hope) this type of module would be fairly simple to put in (although I also appreciate that things are usually a lot more complicated than they seeem), but I'm sure there are 10000 other things which are a higher priority so I am not really expecting this any time soon. I thought it probably worth mentioning though.

In honesty it's only because the entire design of The Grid is so wonderful that this one thing which I find very slightly awkward to do sticks out to me. In comparison with how profoundly wonderful the phase-driven sequencer stuff is though for example it's really small beans :)


answered Jul 13 at 09:38 by Foreversound (11)

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