asked Jul 11 '19 at 17:45 by coelho (11)

Hello, is anyone having heavy cpu load problems after upgrading to BW3 on windows 7? Because now every time I start BW3 after a few minutes I start receiving messages that cpu is too hot...

Do you know what CPU are you running? It could just be that 1.) Your CPU may not be capable of running bitwig, or 2.) The CPU may not be properly cooled.


answered Aug 01 '19 at 02:31 by sethjey (11)

Not sure. Could be coincidence. Lately, since installing BWS 3, I noticed more noise than usual coming from the fans in my computer. I had a look with TechPowerUp GPU-Z and sure enough the fans were running at 100% speed, when usually they run less than 50%.

But this has happened before. So I did what I have done before and opened the case and used a compressed air can to blow out all the dust. Problem solved. Back to lower temps and lower fan speeds.

So I'd say no evidence that BWS was to blame in my case.


answered Aug 03 '19 at 19:24 by djx (315)

Hello, the computer is about 8 years old... (the cpu is an intel i7 2600k) and i have never noticed any issue performance wise, till now... lately, i have noticed some strange things with it, e.g. its running slower then he used to, last night the screen start flickering from time to time... yes i checked the cpu fan, heat dissipator, cables, dust etc, everything seems ok to me, what is clear to me, now, is that something is wrong with my old computer, and have any idea of what could be, (maybe is time to buy a new one), and it seems obvious to me, now, that this is not a BWS issue. One thing i want to mention is, i am running BWS 3.0.1 in a 4 years old i7 laptop with linux without any issues. Many thanks for the support and for the tips, musical greetings.


answered Aug 04 '19 at 00:32 by coelho (11)

Mostly you dont need a new one.

At first a i7 is strong enough. 8 GB or better 16 GB of RAM is strong. 4GB is maybe to weak but should work. If the Fan okay and free of Dust then it should cool down CPU enough. is your Laptop free of Malware? Do you run more programms as needed?

If you only have probs with Bitwig and not with Games or other Programms / Apps or something, then reinstall Bitwig and check the following: On Linux there are system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 17.04 or later 64-bit

  • dual-core or better x86 CPU with SSE3

  • support Minimum 4GB RAM

  • We support all three (also PulseAudio), but recommend JACK or ALSA.


answered Aug 05 '19 at 23:06 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

edited Aug 07 '19 at 00:44

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