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BWS 3.0 Hi there,

Anyone who know how to set up one Instance of Voxgeno SPAN, to show more than one Audio Signal Input? It is possible to visit more than one Audio Signal (Youtube Videos). It should also work with the free version i have.

At first i was trying to drop SPAN into Effect Track, turn SEND and yes it works, it showing me the sum of booth Signals i routed in, now i want to separate that. I was trying that in this way but the Plugin increases the GAIN because i added missing Channels in Bitwigs Plugin Setup. But this are all Outputs.

How to setting up Audio Inputs of a Group Track? Tracks inside a Group only can routed to Group but not to SPAN directly. So thats why SPAN dont shows the Tracks from incoming Signals.

My Goal is to have SPAN in the Master Section or in a Group. Basic "Rubiks Cube" is the Routing Table. I think the Plugin can not separate incoming Audio Signals in the Master section, when i not route each output into the Track where the Plugin is in or into the Plugin itself.

On FL it works this way: (How to use span to spot frequency masking)

How to solve that?


Still i found no way to solv that. I found no way to Route More Audio Outputs of grouped Synths direct into SPAN, when it is in the Group channel. Also in this Video: I see an Issue as well. There are no Groups, separated by the Audiochannels from the Tracks inside a Group, showing in SPAN.

Now i ask the support.

There are instructions for doing this here I think it only works with the VST2 version though. And it is limited to adding two extra inputs via bitwigs side-chain setup. I could not seem to get the side-chain button to show up on the vst3 version. I also didnt worry about adding the extra outputs described in the first part of those instructions, since I was already monitoring the 2nd source in its original track.


answered Aug 23 '19 at 15:52 by djx (315)

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