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I'm able to generate sequences with triggers and pitch within the grid. What I'd like to do is then send this note data out as midi to be consumed by other devices. Is this possible?

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This is exactly the function I also need. For example, the Note Receiver should be able to receive the notes. Another example is when I want to use a VST plug-in after a "Note Grid" to send the notes from the grid to it.

Can you please implement this function?


answered Dec 28 '19 at 12:34 by Vektoren (11)

Hi, This is possible:

  1. use as exit for your midi a modulator.

2 .tie this to an macro of the hosting device.

  1. this can modulate anything further down in the hierarchy.

4 to make a midi signal out of it again, add an „dc offset device“ and an „replacer“ afterwards. Both needs to be in the fx slot. Then modulate with the knob the dc offset. The replacer makes again midi out of it. Polarity has a great example patch called „grid out“ (-next to the video?) And here is his file(references to Polarity:thanks for sharing!)-File here:

Once converted back, any track can receive this midi via an note receiver device. Best regards Former


answered Feb 18 at 18:40 by former (277)

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