asked Feb 25 '15 at 05:39 by eddiejaguar (41)



I'm trying to create a basic 4 bar loop. I click in the beginning and set the "blue flag" the the beginning of measure 1. But then, as soon as I go to move a clip inside the loop, the flag changes to that measure. I want to maintain the start at 1. Is there no way to do this? What good is the loop function if the start is consistently changing depending where you click.

Confused, Eddie

Unfortunately I don't have an answer to this but I agree with the need for it. I would like to click around and move/edit clips while still playing from the same location, something similar to Pro Tools and it's Dynamic Transport feature which I use at all times.

  — (Mar 06 '15 at 16:39) IAmRickyRiot

Yes, maybe write to tech support and ask for a option or behaviour. I mean this play-curser-jumps-to-clip also has some advantages: Listening to changes is really quick. You don't have to go to the timeline everytime you want to set the play cursor. Maybe there are even more...

  — (Mar 11 '15 at 12:42) Triple-U

I want to have this functionality aswell. Let me know if you got a solution!


answered Aug 23 '19 at 19:32 by MalteBeyer (11)

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