asked Jul 17 '19 at 21:46 by mortoray (73)

It appears that the MIDI Program Change is not sending the Bank Select, MSB and LSB. I have an XP-80 Keyboard receiving and have a reference for the bank numbers. Nothing ever changes.

The Program/Patch is changed, but not the bank.

Sorry for resurecting a dead thread but its the same for me. Bitwig 8 Track 3.1.3

Trying to send program change to bank "B" and have Bank MSB 2 selected but it still picks from the first bank with whatever program change I choose.

8 Track is working like a champ. I'm arranging and recording a track right now and if this goes well I'm throwing money down on a full license!!!!

Solved (Kinda)

Instead of using the MSB 2 for bank 2 I used the automation to pick program change 17. That gets me into bank 2 on the Elektron Digitakt. I am not sure if this is a standard that will work for everything though. For example this approach might not work on a Korg or Roland device to access the other banks. It’s worth a try though. Hope this helps anyone who comes across it.


answered Apr 12 at 23:19 by synj00 (11)

edited Apr 13 at 21:40

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