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I noticed that if you save a preset in sampler as your default preset it will not load it if it is created by dragging a sample to the device rack, dragged onto the drum machine and in the pop up browser. none of these will use your default settings for the sampler making the default sampler settings literally useless.

also, if you have a sampler in a drum machine pad and you drag another sample into the same pad, it removes all of your fx in that sampler and essentially deletes it for a new one( although the expected behavior is to simply switch out the sample in the sampler on that pad ,at least i would assume so) perhaps having a modifier like shift or ctrl when you drag a sample to the drum pad should it replace the sample or the whole sampler too.

here's what i think bitwig should do, anytime a new instance of the sampler is created(sample dragged, clicked on or in a drum rack) it should use the default USER preset. however if the user wants to hot swap drums in the sampler the sampler should retain its settings (that goes for you pitch tracking (or just make pitch tracking % modulateable)

if a drum sample is dragged to a drum rack pad that already contains a sampler it should not change the sampler, but hot swap the sample only. ( it makes more sense that if the user wanted to hear the sample in a new sampler they would drag it to a clear pad on the drum machine, however if they did want to have a new sampler within an already used pad maybe add a keyboard modifier to allow that)

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