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I've got an audio sample loaded up in a Mixer Panel audio clip. Double-clicking that brings up the Detail Editor Panel.

While the clip is playing, I can double-click the timeline rule above the loop brace and make a colored arrow appear. However, nothing appears to happen. I was expecting playback to jump to that location after a bar or so, similar to how clicking in the similar bar in Ableton Live clips jumps clip playback to that location, but nothing of the sort happens. The arrow cycles colors for a short time and then disappears.

What's going on here? I couldn't find anything about this skimming through the manual... I read every instance of "double click" but didn't see this mentioned. Did I miss something? Does my clip need to be in a particular state?

I'd also noticed and wondered about this. Double clicking the main timeline in Arrange presents the same little flashy arrow, and playback indeed jumps to that point at the next bar as you'd expect - but nothing at the clip level.

  — (Mar 08 '14 at 03:49) eg

I can confirm exactly the same happens to me.

  — (Mar 08 '14 at 09:29) wiggy

I forgot were were in the Detail Editor. I reckon it's the same thing though, represented below. In the Detail Editor Panel it just represents what's going on in the Timeline above. We are in Mix View, in a Launcher Clip, right? So by definition we are in Clip Mode in the Detail Editor. However the Beat Ruler at the top of Detail Editor seems to still apply to the Timeline (i.e. Arranger), not to the Launcher clip.

You can still have tracks playing in the Timeline when you are in Mix View. That is where the transport is always active.

You really need to go back to Arrange View to see the Timeline to make any sense of this. Try putting a full length track in the Arranger Timeline and a longish clip in Detail View, on another audio track, synced, so you can play them together. If you don't have a long one handy use a short one but make the loop longer. When you double-click in the Detail Editor's Beat Ruler you'll see the track in the Arranger Timeline is re-started at the flashing flag, but he actual Launcher clip carries on regardless.


answered Mar 17 '14 at 09:51 by wiggy (300)

I know what this is. See Page 72 of the manual. There's a box at the bottom that says "If you want the same playback behavior without creating a Cue Marker, simply double-click the desired playback position from the top of the Beat Ruler (between the numbers)."

If play is already active you get a flashing flag while waiting, and then play starts from where you clicked, and the Play Start marker is moved.

It's like launching from a cue marker without actually creating one.


answered Mar 16 '14 at 14:52 by wiggy (300)

I appreciate the answer but unfortunately this doesn't address the issue. This part of the manual is talking about the Arranger Timeline Panel (the big one in the middle), not the Detail Editor Panel at the bottom. Double-clicking the Arranger Timeline ruler works great, but it doesn't work in the Detail Editor Panel's time ruler (although I suspect it's supposed to, since there's an arrow that appears).

  — (Mar 17 '14 at 04:09) WarriorBob

Yeah I've noticed this. It sucks when your warping a full song and you want playback to start at a certain point in the song but it always plays from the start. Needs to be fixed quick

  — (Mar 30 '14 at 08:27) Wairama

This is combined with the launch quantization. You can adjust the quantization amount in the Options menu.

  — (Jul 11 '14 at 12:58) riot ♦♦

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