asked Jul 22 '19 at 01:07 by ghostbeat (11)

hi in version 1.3.5. i could select time (2) in a clip, then right click and choose - insert silence

where is this function gone in bitwig 3 or how i have to do it now?

oh, sorry, i just saw that in the arranger view it works still like this...

but it is not possible in a clip, when in clip launcher mode


answered Jul 22 '19 at 01:24 by ghostbeat (11)

What is version 1.3.5? Bitwig released 3.0.1

what u can do is "2" select tool, to mark midinotes and delte the selection with delete you can´t cut the clip with "2" but grab the edged to shorten the clip in piano and drum editor, also setting the startpiont of that clip. you can´t delete the clip in the piano and drum editor, just in the arranger or launcher.

you can use the arranger for your edits for clips itself.^so u can cut clip+midinotes togehter.

  — (Jul 22 '19 at 09:37) BlackHoleNFO

Thanks a lot, i was trying for so long, but now it's clear.

thank you for your quick answer


  — (Jul 22 '19 at 17:50) ghostbeat

Are you saying, it is not possible to "Insert time" like in Ableton? This is a key function for making arrangements. I also can't find it. it should be simple, select a region, double it (but not overwrite whats on the right side of the selection)

help? :D


answered Nov 03 '19 at 01:40 by Plattenbote (21)

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