asked Jul 22 '19 at 01:07 by ghostbeat (11)

hi in version 1.3.5. i could select time (2) in a clip, then right click and choose - insert silence

where is this function gone in bitwig 3 or how i have to do it now?

oh, sorry, i just saw that in the arranger view it works still like this...

but it is not possible in a clip, when in clip launcher mode


answered Jul 22 '19 at 01:24 by ghostbeat (11)

What is version 1.3.5? Bitwig released 3.0.1

what u can do is "2" select tool, to mark midinotes and delte the selection with delete you can´t cut the clip with "2" but grab the edged to shorten the clip in piano and drum editor, also setting the startpiont of that clip. you can´t delete the clip in the piano and drum editor, just in the arranger or launcher.

you can use the arranger for your edits for clips itself.^so u can cut clip+midinotes togehter.

  — (Jul 22 '19 at 09:37) BlackHoleNFO

Thanks a lot, i was trying for so long, but now it's clear.

thank you for your quick answer


  — (Jul 22 '19 at 17:50) ghostbeat

Are you saying, it is not possible to "Insert time" like in Ableton? This is a key function for making arrangements. I also can't find it. it should be simple, select a region, double it (but not overwrite whats on the right side of the selection)

help? :D


answered Nov 03 '19 at 01:40 by Plattenbote (21)

this is really complicated to do in bitwig - in Ableton it's super easy because there is no need to select any other tool - and there is no need to select the entire project. what if you are working on a project with 200+ tracks? are you supposed to select every single track? the only way I have been able to do this in bitwig is by mouse drag select the entire window in the range you need to insert silence. there is no help in the bitwig manual for this operation either. if someone knows a better way , please advise. :) In Ableton alls I do is select the time I need inserted in one track and it commits the operation for the entire sequence. Bitwig - please make this easier to use in Bitwig thanks!


answered May 01 at 01:45 by bwet (11)

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