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I have my Korg MS2000R connected to my Delta 2496 audio/midi card, (windows 7 PC) and I can not figure out how to make Bitwig send midi beatclock to the korg. The korg can receive midi notes no problem, but the snyth does not switch to EXT from AUTO mode when bitwig plays. I want the korg's delays and tempos to be slaved to Bitwig, but it seems that Bitwig is not sending midi beatclock . This same setup work in another DAW software, so I know the korg in not at fault. So what am I missing to make Bitwig send midi beatclock ?

Please go to preferences - Controllers - Add controller manually - Generic - Midi Clock transmitter Next choose in Midi clock transmitter your output midi port of Delta which is connected to your external hardware. make your synth as slave and BITWIG will be as master thats all


answered Mar 03 '15 at 13:59 by Pavel_Gaidai (49)

Thanks that worked!


answered Mar 03 '15 at 22:16 by johnnyboy5000 (0)

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