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I've had an 8-Track license for several months now, and I noticed that with the update to 3.0 some significant things have changed or been taken away. First and foremost, it used to be that when you exceeded 8-Track's capabilities it would drop you into full demo mode, unlocking everything but preventing you from saving or exporting; now, it puts you into an 8-Track demo mode, which still doesn't unlock all the features but still won't let you save or export.

Here's what I've noticed is no longer available to 8-Track users, even once you pop it over to demo mode:

  • Multi-out chains -- I can no longer create the additional audio output chains from multi-out VSTs, such as Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, or Kontakt.
  • Slice to drum loop/multisample -- Right-clicking on an audio clip, these menu options are disabled.
  • File -> Save as Template -- Disabled.

For me, personally, this is a big enough deal -- especially the loss of multi-out chains -- that I'm going to be reverting to 8-Track 2.5.1, putting off exploring The Grid until such time as I can afford the upgrade.

Has anyone else has come across any further limitations along these lines? The changes weren't exactly publicized anywhere that I saw, and when I noticed and reported the multi-out chain issue during beta I was told by Bitwig support, "as Bitwig Studio 8 Track will be upgraded for free to version 3 the feature set will slightly change. A detailed comparison chart will be available after the release." Has anyone seen this chart?

I think they upgrade this List also: -

But remember, 8-track is just to try out. The Basis Version and the Main Focus is the Fullversion.


answered Aug 05 '19 at 23:36 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

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