asked Mar 03 '15 at 14:16 by Pavel_Gaidai (49)

Hey guys!

Please inform me if you can ( or may be I'm stupid) How to do next: If I have already recorded midi track in BITWIG. How do I can until playing that track in same time make realtime pitchbend adjustments turning by pitchweel of my midi keyboard ? In other words - How to record only controllers or pitch changes into already recorded midi track in real time? and not with pen tool but with pitchweel on connected midi keyboard in order to hear changes I doing? This is important to record had pitchlines to already recorded midi data in realtime keeping your hands free of simultaneous producing notes and pitchs) Thank you!!

I asked - cause this operation is easy by default in Ableton Why we don't have it here? ))

Hey, I thing just play the song with the track record enabled and the record automation enabled in the transport. For some reason i am able to record pitch mod on polysynth but not on some vsts synth but it's not being recorded in the pitch bend automation but somewhere else...

if you figure it out let me know :)


answered Apr 26 '15 at 21:42 by AP-1 (51)

I suggest you to contact tech-support for any wish that would make this simpler for you

This is a forum for members to help eachother. And your message looks like its directed to bitwig devolopers. Btw have you configured your keyboard correctly in bitwig? Also see if there is any specific script for your keyboard to download.


answered Mar 05 '15 at 08:17 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

Hi everyone,

I'm also trying to overwrite the pitch bend automation of a midi track with a sampler loaded.

The problem is that Bitwig's synths like Sampler, Polysynth, etc.. don't respond to the classic pitch-bend.

If the button "Convert Pitch Bend" is unchecked, a pitch bend automation lane can be written but won't affect the devices.

If the "Convert Pitch Bend" is checked, the pitch-bend is recorded as "per note automation" and can't be overwritten.

Maybe I'm missing something. Can anyone tell me if the classic pitch bend mode ("Convert Pitch Bend unchecked") should affect the sampler or the polysynth? I think it should no?


answered Mar 19 '16 at 14:51 by Antuan (693)

edited Mar 19 '16 at 14:58

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