asked Aug 01 '19 at 02:27 by sethjey (11)

I just was wondering, is bitwig studio an x86 application? I would like the run it on a processor on the x86 architecture. Can anyone tell me if that would work?

No it does NOT run in the x86 platform only. This is totally wrong.

BwS gui is an x86 executable which does not matter at all since the audio engine and plugin hosting (exe) processes do the audio work.

If you have 64bit plugins they will run as 64bit and if you have 32bit plugins they will run as 32bit.

BwS is multi-process, meaning multiple processes 64bit and 32bit depending on what is needed and what your operating system allows.

Obviously you cannot run 64bit plugins in a 32bit OS.


answered Aug 07 '19 at 17:00 by rhythm1c (33)

Bitwig is currently x86 only, and you're welcome to provide me with a link to a binary that proves otherwise.

OP did NOT ask whether Bitwig was 32-bit or 64-bit, they asked if it runs on the x86 architecture. Your assumption that the "gui is an x86 executable which does not matter at all " is false, because it will not work on any ARM, MIPS, or PPC device, in case OP is curious about running on an iPad for example. You are confusing bitness with architecture and probably because Microsoft likes to use the term "x64" which is not an architecture at all and causes this confusion. OP asked a valid question, but may also have similar confusion so to summarize:

Is Bitwig x86: Yes, x86 only. Is Bitwig 32-bit: No, 64-bit only.


answered Aug 09 '19 at 02:04 by Shipe (17)

When somebody (such as yourself) responds that bitwig is x86 only ... it really calls for an answer.

As to what my qualifications are just leave it ;-)

So here we go : x86, x64 or x86_64? Do you actually know when we use each phrase ? Yes Bitwig only will work with intel/amd cpus that implement x86 (IMPLIES 32bit) or x64/x86_64 (SPECIFIES STRICTLY 64bit superset with an extra 32bit subset). Happy now?

Also please spare me the mips ppc and arm smart talk, I 've been writing embedded mips probably before you were born.

Therefore ... It is obvious you and me know what Bitwig runs on. Apart from the newbie who asked the original question to which you bluntly responded x86 only. You could have been accurate, it doesn't cost a dime.

Misinformation is a major reason why Bitwig got some unwarranted flak and fud especially in the first days... Stuff such "zomg java" or "help us Lord this thing is 32bit in task manager" etc.

EDIT: Here is alink from Servefault on the "x86" thing:

Go download a linux distro in the "x86" section. You will only find 32 bit there.

EDIT2 (you asked analysis on the included executables of BwS. Here you go from my MSYS shell)

$ file '/c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/Bitwig Studio.exe' /c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/Bitwig Studio.exe: PE32+ executable (GUI) x86-64, for MS Windows

$ file '/c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigAudioEngine.exe' /c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigAudioEngine.exe: PE32+ executable (console) x86-64, for MS Windows

$ file '/c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigPluginHost32.exe' /c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigPluginHost32.exe: PE32 executable (console) Intel 80386, for MS Windows

$ file '/c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigPluginHost64.exe' /c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigPluginHost64.exe: PE32+ executable (console) x86-64, for MS Windows

$ file '/c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigVampHost.exe' /c/Audio/Bitwig Studio/bin/BitwigVampHost.exe: PE32+ executable (console) x86-64, for MS Windows

Of course this is on my 64bit W10 installation. On a strictly 32bit OS the installer would provision the installation differently with only 32bit binaries.


answered Aug 12 '19 at 03:55 by rhythm1c (33)

edited Aug 12 '19 at 04:14


Bitwig currently only runs on the x86 platform.


answered Aug 02 '19 at 00:43 by Shipe (17)


Your qualifications are irrelevant as you are turning into this a petty, immature debate on what you think x86 means.

The question at face value is relevant, as Bitwig can be used for live sets, and users are increasingly utilizing ARM-based tablets for performance. For the record, I am a GNU/Linux user and the terminology used is i386 and amd64. x86 is used to refer to the platform architecture. I didn't ask for an analysis of Microsoft's internal naming structure, I welcomed you to link to an alternative binary of Bitwig Studio for other architectures.

I answered a valid question quickly and concisely from an OS-agnostic standpoint.


answered Aug 12 '19 at 07:08 by Shipe (17)

edited Aug 12 '19 at 07:08

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