asked Mar 03 '15 at 16:08 by Pavel_Gaidai (49)

Hello! I want to ask for next feature in coming update! Lets some pre-history: As we know Bitwig contains fast workflow and some unique features. Let me to add my 2 cents to make Bitwig a little better)

One of Bigwigs ability is sending/recieving data from tracks to other tracks. If we use Note receiver plugin in slave track and take data from master track loaded with Drum Machine then next issue we have: For example - we want to make snare from kit loaed into drum machine of track 1 fatter then we double it with next way - Make empty instrument track 2 and load Note receiver plugin into - Make track 1 as source for incoming midi data and start to receive all notes playing by drum machine of track 1 - The incoming data is need to be filtered for skip sounds of Kick or Hi-hat and keep only Snare midi notes,cause we need expand only Snare sounds for example - Then we need to load Note Filter plugin next after Note Receiver - And next the issue is there: - How can we know the number of notes of Snare need to be filtered from other sounds? - need we remember all note numbers from midi table?)) How? - If we try to check how note is the Snare - we just see C#1 and then we need to check and compare midi note tables from Wiki and next we can adjust Note filter properly and next we see C#1 = note number 37

Solve the problem: It could be more faster if Note Receiver shows us C#1 in its range or alternative - if we will have knob in midi/drum editor switch note symbols to note numbers And we will save our time Thank you

Next video will show what about I told:

I found out an easier way to do this. I agree it needs more devolopement. I also would love to recieve midi direct from midi direct from something importet into drum machine. I made a fix by adding note pitch shifter before to recieve midi for easiest solution. Just copy what i did in video below


answered Mar 05 '15 at 07:49 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

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