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Maximum bezier curve tension (or sharpness of the 'knee') in Bitwig is limited compared to other DAWs, here are some exmaples. All examples are 1-bar long and show maximum curve tension for each DAW:

alt text

In Live bezier curves are the sharpest, and are also symmetrical about the 45° line. FL Studio and Bitwig, on the other hand, use curves that are slightly asymmetrical about the 45° line, which I find to be more usable in practice, so that's good. The only difference between the two is that in FL you are able to push the curve 'knee' a little further, giving you the option of a 'sharper' curve when required. The workaround to get a sharper knee in Bitwig is to draw an extra point, as shown in the above image, which requires extra clicks.

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