asked Aug 04 '19 at 11:43 by Scoox (91)

In Bitwig, to edit a parameter value you Ctrl+Click its knob/fader/button/etc, and to rename a text label you Alt+Click it, just wondering, wouldn't it be simpler if both of these actions were both done by Ctrl+Click (or Alt+Click)?

ATM I don't know enough about the software but... are there any scenarios where you a text label is also a control? In that case I can understand the need to use separate mouse modifiers. So far I've not encountered this scenario.

Thanks :)

Even if Listbox module would be added, I doubt Alt+Click would be applicable to it, since you can't change names of modules with Alt+Click anyway. So I think you're right about that, but it's probably too late to change. Also, I've seen similar shortcuts in other software, so if it's about keeping some common standards, then it's better to leave things as is.


answered Aug 04 '19 at 14:31 by xiso (66)

Why would it be too late to change? Sure existing users would have to 'rewire' their brain but I don't think it's too hard given that the new method would be simpler.

  — (Aug 04 '19 at 17:35) Scoox

because it would be a hassle for existing users and also for some new users that learnt these shortcuts from other software. also in some context Ctrl+Click is used for selecting, while Alt+Click is for renaming.

  — (Aug 04 '19 at 18:31) xiso

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