asked Aug 04 at 18:00 by dschiller (11)

How to add LFO Rate from Modulator to Remote Controls Device Page ?

Thats right what u have discover because Modulators are part of Presets. Device Pages are just for, lets say the INIT Configuration of a Device.

If you want to have a Modulator as Default than you need to save your Configuration as a Preset, then you need Preset Pages, in your case. You can save as Default Preset also. Then u have your configuration always you start the Device.


answered Aug 06 at 00:20 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

edited Aug 06 at 00:23

Open Remote Control of the Device ":::". Click on the wrench on top of this new open part and add a new empty page. Click the "wlan look like" - Button, it is blinking now and click the Target (any Knob in the Device) your case LFO Rate. Am i right? If not explain more. cheers


answered Aug 05 at 22:40 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

edited Aug 05 at 22:41

Device Pages cannot handle Modulators. Only Preset Pages can do that.


answered Aug 05 at 22:49 by dschiller (11)

edited Aug 06 at 00:03

Not sure what you mean. At first you can modulate mostly all knobs in Bitwig Devices. If you open a Preset all Knobs can reconfigurate by clicking the Arrow. You can add new pages to make your own Remote Control Set for that device and also u can modulate Modulators, even modulate Remote Control Knobs and vice versa.

What i dont understand: - Device Pages and Presets Pages.

Do you use the correct name of that parts? cheers


answered Aug 05 at 23:54 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

Crazy. You already wrote about. If you open the Remote Controls of any Bitwig Device then there is a Wrench Symbol. This clicked opens the Remote Controls Editor. Within this guy you have two Sections: Preset Pages and Device Pages. Maybe check Man for more Details.

The Issue is that the Device Page Section cannot handle Modulator Mappings but the Preset Pages can. But I need the Device Pages.

By the way I am using Bitwig 301 maybe you use a older Version.


answered Aug 06 at 00:01 by dschiller (11)

edited Aug 06 at 00:06

my answer is gone, why ever...setup what u want and make it as default presets - done.


answered Aug 07 at 00:25 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

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