asked Aug 05 at 00:27 by pyrotek45 (66)

title says it all. Im used to fl studio and i can't seem to find how to glue midi notes to consolidate them when two or more notes are touching into one.

I only know that u can grab marked notes end or start and drag them out, over other notes. So overpainting is the new glue....or so :D


answered Aug 05 at 22:29 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

I toyed around with it. I did find the consolidate option, but it seems to work differently. It doesn't glue notes together but rather splits existing notes in half and gluing that together.

To do that, select the time selection tool ( looks like capital I ), make selection, then right click.

It works weird, but the easiest method is indeed to drag the edge of the first note and overlap the 2nd note completely.

In BitWig, if you move or stretch a note over another note it replaces that part of the note entirely. So if you increase the size of the first note to overlap 50% of the second note, and then drag it back to the previous location, the 2nd note remains 50% smaller on that new location. So if you drag it completely over the second one, the second note completely disappears and is replaced by one huge note.

Although this works, it really is not ideal because you cannot make a selection and consolidate all notes that are touching.

There is also the "Make legato" option, which does somewhat make this right, except the notes are still individual notes, and if the plugin you're using doesn't support a legato function, it doesn't work.


answered Aug 07 at 15:24 by LPChip (21)

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