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Hello together,

I have a bad feeling asking this, because it somehow feels trivial, but I can't figure it out, even though it has worked earlier. (bitwig ~2.4).

I use bitwig mainly as live DJing software, means I want to record what was played live, or even better have all details (or automations) saved alongside. This is what also worked for quite some time, still have saved-project-files which do not show this behavior.

Please just take a look on the screenshot I linked here.

You can see the arranger view after stopping the live-performance, the upmost 3 tracks are covered, but each is set to show the mid-gain (EQ-DJ device) automation path on the right side. You'll see that between the sampled data points the (light blue) line (i.e., the mid-gain) is decreasing steadily, which apart from the fact that there are no sample points in between, is still weird. Or might this be a feature? Struggle with it now for quite some time...

For me this looks like the midi signal is not recorded immediately (too late?), but why? Did I mess up some setting? I think I tried next to all setting combination inside the menu and compared my old project without this issue with this one, but can't fix it.

So therefore I would highly appreciate if someone could help me out here, even if it might be too easy for likely most ppl here.

UPDATE: Tried a minimal working example, by using the live-performance template deployed with bitwig. Started playing a track via the clip launcher. Initially mid-gain was at 0 dB, after 3mins I turned the mid-gain down to -inf dB. After stopping the recording the arrange-view is already "visually" incorrect, as shown within the screenshot above. The first mid-gain measuring point was at approx. -4 dB. Can also provide the project file, if needed.

Thanks, best

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