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So I've been having all sorts of problems I never had before tonight, and restarting Bitwig multiple times didn't fix anything.

It all started with Serum. I set Chaos 1 to the filter cutoff but I hadn't set it up so it was on its default hz value. Next thing you know it makes an awful piercing noise and it crashes, leaving my channel's and my master's volume meters stuck at +35dB (really piercing noise, almost got deaf, good reminder to set up my default project) even though no sound is playing anymore. Restarting fixed it. Then I went on to record something from Serum again. Basically when tweaking the sound it was all good, but as soon as I hit the record button it became really quite. After some time trying to figure out why it would do that, restarting fixed it. Then suddenly all my new channels where I load Serum (now that I think about it, could it be a Serum bug?) started to be really really loud, like bypassing the - 10dB setting on the channels for some reason. So every previous channel set to - 10dB are indeed in this area, but the volume meter of every new channel I create says the volume is on par with the previous ones even though there's definitely a difference (that would be a - 10dB difference). I never changed my pre/post fader settings.


PS one of my controllers also suddenly stopped working in the middle of this and I had to replug it and restart Bitwig to fix it

It does the same thing with any synth now, and even better, I'm playing the same audio clip twice without any fx or automation on the channel, the bus, a return channel or the master, and the volume is different each time.


answered Aug 06 '19 at 15:06 by Keyy (21)

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