asked Aug 05 '19 at 07:02 by Esla (11)

I know this is probably an obvious answer but I can't seem to figure it out. Is there a list of Bitwig CC numbers some where that will tell me what to assign my macro knobs too?

Also, I am try to use an MPE controller app on iOS, I can get note, pitch and pressure to work but Timber and release will not work, thought?


If you use Hardwarecontroller you can go to Mapping Browser Panel. Check this tut -

  — (Aug 05 '19 at 11:52) BlackHoleNFO

I got the knobs to macros to work out, I just assigned them to CC 20-27 and selected the controller (iphone) as midi in in a a generic midi keyboard controller template. I did the same thing yesturday but today it decided to work fine, I must have missed something silly last night.


answered Aug 05 '19 at 21:13 by Esla (11)

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