asked Aug 05 '19 at 11:51 by Zonal (11)

Hello guys,

First off, I'm using 8-track.

I want to 'Create new multiplesample' in Sampler, but it's greyed out. I CAN click 'Browse samples / multisamples', but the tutorial shows 'Create new multiplesample'. Any idea why it's greyed out for me, maybe it's a limitation of 8-track? And what's the difference between the two?

Furthermore, I recorded some samples from a VSTi/synth and saved them using the right mouse button on the recorded audio file 'Save Clip To Library'. This results in the sample(s) being shown on the right hand side under: Browser - Clips/My Library/Clips, but I can't load these into Sampler. Any idea how I can save a recorded audio file (recorded from a VSTi/synth) into an audio file/(multi) sample that I can load into Sampler?

Thanks in advance! :)

I recommend to buy the Full Version of BWS !!! RLY, you can go wrong :D


Extended Multi Sample Editor is not available in 8-Track. Not sure if u can import Multisamples or Multi-Presets.

You can try to record anything with Audacity. I dont know what content you can use in 8-Track u have just the Bitwig Essential Collection for sure. Import Samples should work.


answered Aug 05 '19 at 22:18 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

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Hey man,

Thanks for your reply! I understand that buying the full program is totally worth it. But I already bought Ableton full version a few years ago and hardly did anything with it. So before buying the full version I want to try out 8-track for a maximum of 1 year. And if I still use it actively after a year and really enjoy it, then I'll buy the full version for sure.

So for now I just want to play around with 8-track, so I guess I'll have to find ways to work around the limitations. And I believe in the end that's what making music is all about, being creative in all sorts of situations.

And I'll try to record that VSTi in an external program and save the samples as .wav files and see if that works.

Thanks again! :)


answered Aug 06 '19 at 12:30 by Zonal (11)

A New DAW makes not a better musician. Its mostly the way how you can transform ideas to sounds... Bitwig is young, not perfect but in this actual status realy good to use, imho.

i am with you, try before buy is a very good way to check things out...i was on FL and switch hard to bitwig (hate the windows, wrappers in FL)...sadly there are limits of functions and not of u can just work forever with limitations, finally you never explore the full functionality of BWS... thats a bad idea from Bitwig, imho...however you dont need two DAW┬┤s also...and Bitwig is similar to Ableton. Maybe its not the Problem of the DAW, rather a problem of how you learn making things. just thinking.... cheers and fun to making sounds...


answered Aug 07 '19 at 00:41 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

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