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Hey everyone. I'm interested in using my iPad as a clip launcher and started looking into OSC, but all of the posts I've found are from like 2015 and earlier. The Touch OSC info I've found is pretty vague and the posts about Lemur make it sound pretty bug (some people say it's useless). I don't really want to spend $25 for the Liine Lemur app if it doesn't even work, so I'm wondering if anyone is currently using OSC with Bitwig 2 or 3 and, if so, do you have a preferred app and template? Touch OSC? Lemur? Something custom? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm really interested in this too. Planning on spending some time messing with OSC in Bitwig 3 over the next few days (I have an iPhone only currently, looking at getting an iPad soon and want to know how feasible it is so use it as a clip launcher or handling record arming, etc.

Did you ever get a chance to try out OSC and/or Lemur? If so I'd love to hear your experience. If not, I'll share what I find back to this thread as soon as I know more.


answered Oct 22 '19 at 02:26 by porkloin (11)

I'm also working with some lemur integration, and would be stoked if someone had successfully setup a useful mapping technique.

I'm trying to use flexi or Divine EZ templates for midi controllers, but I'm only able to receive midi notes, I can't send or seem to map incoming CC data from channels.



answered Nov 07 '19 at 01:39 by runsilent (71)

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