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I've got the fundamentals of recording into the timeline down, but I haven't yet figured out how to now switch over to thinking about clips.

If I boot up Bitwig Studio, add an instrument track, start recording, which clip is that going into?

I found out the hard way that if I do that, then switch to Mix, I see the Scenes, but they're all empty, which I find confusing. Where is my recorded material?

I understand that we can't talk publicly about Bitwig Studio yet until its release, but I'm aching to see some demo videos showing the building of an example song, including a few parts, a few Scenes, and switching between them, and then reorganizing them. Hopefully there will be lots of YouTube content soon.

The manual is in-depth but is more about explaining each part of the program, and less like a practical guided tour showing you how to put a project together. If a guided tour exists, I would LOVE to see it.

I'm trying to do this on my website, but I've not got the go-ahead to publish yet. The site is Of course I'm still learning. I also have a small but good forum on there you are more than welcome to join. I don't think there are any restriction on asking questions and chatting about Bitwig Studio, within reason. Sorry about the spam!

First thing, just to be clear, when you record into the Timeline, your recordings will be in clips.

"If I boot up Bitwig Studio, add an instrument track, start recording, which clip is that going into?"

You should be able to see it, if it actually got recorded. It should be visible either in the timeline or the launcher. If it is in the Launcher it will be visible in Arrange View and Mix View.

"I found out the hard way that if I do that, then switch to Mix, I see the Scenes, but they're all empty, which I find confusing. Where is my recorded material?"

You don't need to use Mix View. You can see your scenes in Arrange View. Open a default set and then try the shortcut [L] or [ALT]+[L], or failing that click the symbol with six squares (symbolizing scenes) below the Track Headers.

This will show the same as in Mix View, but you can see the timeline as well. You can drag the divider between the two.

It sounds to me like maybe you never actually recorded anything.

When you say you recorded something, what buttons are you pressing exactly?

There is a different method for recording into the Launcher and recording onto the timeline.

First you need to make sure the Record Arm button is lit up red on the track. I assume you are using a MIDI controller and have an instrument device. Can you hear anything when you play the keys?

Hit the global record button at the top of the screen, and then the global play button. You should see a clip start being produced in the timeline, with the notes.

This won't go into scenes in the Launcher. To get stuff there you either need to drag it in from the Arranger, or record it directly.

To record into the Launcher you just need to click on the round record button in a scene.


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I might try doing some videos. My tutorials are 99% written. I prefer written for various reasons. For one thing I can keep going back to update them, tweak them and perfect them. I also prefer written ones when I'm trying to learn something, as I can find the info quicker. I hate these youtube videos where you have to waste 10 minutes listening to someone ramble on and then realize you've learned almost nothing.

That said, i think videos can be good, and I think I should do a basic one like you describe, so I'll try and do one before long.

If you want, I can do a Skype session with you. You can do screensharing. The sound isn't critical so it is easier to just have the sound from Bitwig Studio coming out of the speakers and into your mic. I won't charge you anything. If you want to do that send me an email to


answered Mar 09 '14 at 10:32 by wiggy (300)

Thanks for the reply.

I twice got myself into a situation in which I had recorded a bunch of stuff, switched to the Mixer and started playing with clips, and lost it all. I'll have to figure out how to repro that.

Thanks for the other tips. I'll look through them. At first glance, I see a LOT of words. :) Not that I have a problem with this, but what I'd really LOVE is a video or two of watching someone build an 8-measure song, work with clips, do a little editing, do a little automation, and bounce the result. And explain everything that they're doing as they do it.

A 5-minute video far outweighs an hour of trying to read long posts and figure out what things are supposed to do or sound like. :)


answered Mar 09 '14 at 04:54 by daviddas (11)

Thanks Fran! Responding via e-mail to you now.


answered Mar 09 '14 at 21:53 by daviddas (11)

Cheers! Speak to you later

  — (Mar 10 '14 at 09:23) wiggy

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