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Hi there,

One of the things I frequently do is create the second or third voice for my lead. Rather than recording the send or third voice of the lead, I'd like to program this in.

I come from a tracker history, where this is an easy task. As in a tracker the notes in a channel can be copied over to another channel and then you can select just that channel and work with it, I'd like to do the same thing with BitWig, but I'm struggling.

I think I'm not having the right approach here, so maybe someone knows a good and speedy way to do this.

Essentially what I need to do is have a melody inside a clip copied, then have its pitch raised and volume lowered.

If I duplicate notes, I often lose the selection and then I can't do anything with the notes anymore as a whole.

I tried to duplicate the entire track including the VSTi's attached, use multi-track editing to work on the track, which is a good way to do it, but when I then want to merge both tracks into one, one track will simply overwrite the other track.

I tried using a group track and just keep both tracks in existence, but I can't assign the VSTi's to the group themselves. I do not want to have multiple copies of the same VSTi for both performance and editing reasons.

What is the best approach to allow me to either have 2 tracks but one VSTi + effects, or work on everything as one track?

Thanks for your help. :)

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