asked Aug 10 '19 at 02:53 by jonthebass (11)

I am demoing Bitwig at the moment. I have to say I got pretty excited as I found it relatively easy to navigate my way round. I currently use Logic Pro but wanted a 2nd DAW to use. So, I tried to import 45 wav tracks which were all consolidated. Why do each or most of these wavs have different tempos? This is going to be a deal breaker guys; sorry. in Logic I just drag n drop all the files in, the tempo doesn't get effected and I can mix away. I tried this with Bitwig and hey presto nothing matches up and there are multiple tempos. Why????? The reason I am looking for a second is simply for reserve. I dont want to have to do 10 things first to do one thing like Studio One or Pro tools. How do I simply drag and drop multiple wavs into Bitwig without stretching/fiddling/etc etc It is getting boring. I can'y see myself paying $500.00 for a daw which really only likes midi. Please make it simple. Cheers jon

Hi I think if you make the default stretch mode raw then it won't change any tempos automatically. as long as the session in the same tempo as the tracks you're importing they should line up to the grid


answered Aug 15 '19 at 14:05 by Benja (11)

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