asked Aug 13 '19 at 07:33 by definity (21)



I have been trying to get The GRID to output MIDI notes to trigger Serum but I can't so I tried to accomplish this with Softube Modular and I can't seem to do it, is there a way?

I have manedged to get the MIDI data and convert it to audio but I can't find a way to convert it from audio back to to MIDI, is this a way to do it?



There's Replacer Device for converting audio to MIDI, you just have to place it in Grid FX slot, so you can modulate it's parameters with Grid and thus determine velocity, note, etc. You can either use audio output for sending gate triggers, or modulator out to DC offset device in parallel. But you have to also block audio output of those gate signals, perhaps by placing empty FX Layers device. And to pull the generated MIDI from the Grid FX chain you'll need Note Receiver.


answered Aug 17 '19 at 16:10 by xiso (76)

Hi, And here also: check out this thread- Polarity shared a solution patch..


answered Feb 18 at 19:56 by former (277)

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