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I searched this forum and the net and found only 1 potential solution to my problem that did not work for me, if i executed it correctly.

I just bought the annual from Bitwig 1 and am now on Bitwig 3.1 but i get a error while installing the packages. The previous packages where on a drive that no longer exists since it died recently.

In the settings it is set to get the packages online and below it the path to the old drive "i" where the old packages remained. For some reason BW persists on wanting to copy those over instead of downloading the new ones. When i try to change the install path destination it still gives me a similar error.

The only suggestions i have been able to find online is to rename or delete some preference file but that did not work for me. Others suggested to get it from a other computer where i have them installed but i never installed them from another system.

Any other suggestions or even better, cant i just download the packages via my browser? I looked around the site and don't see them offered as a manual download, which seems a bit odd btw.

If anyone can help , please. I just bought the upgrade and now have Bitwig 3.1 but i dont want to use it now. If i am going to dig into Bitwig 3 i want to be able to dig into everything and find out whats new improved and cool. This kind of takes that fun out of it if you know what i mean ;)

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