asked Aug 17 '19 at 06:31 by Kamshiy (41)

Some instruments automatic toggled to drum editor but this instrument is not a drum machine. And vice versa some drum machines switch to piano roll with all notes. May be an instrument have some property of this state? Bitwig 3.0.1, Windows 10.

Yep this constantly happens to me still even when the instrument is originally in piano roll mode. I reported this bug in August of last year...


answered Sep 20 '19 at 01:13 by Mullins (31)

This is very strange indeed. The Piano-Roll Editor should automatically switch to Drum mode when inserting a Drum Machine.


answered Dec 05 '19 at 05:54 by icaroguerreiro (80)

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Asked: Aug 17 '19 at 06:31

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