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Hello everyone. I’m working with a drummer and we change tempo live while launching clips. The drummer can set the tempo by tapping via midi into bitwig.

Problem is sometimes bitwig skips a beat, or is inaccurate.

The tempo is being set after 3 “taps”, and that’s part of the problem. Any possible solutions? One thing that would help is to set a midi signal to at least reset the beat to 1, but there is no option to do it. Setting midi to “play transport” does not reset the metronome to 1. So if bitwig has latency or picks up the tempo with a delay of one eight note, the drummer has to flip the pulse to that. We want the opposite.

Also, when the bitwig is stopped, if pressing play on the screen the track will start immediately; if starting play via midi trigger (set up through shortcuts as usual) bitwig 3.0 will introduce a delay. It does not happen when simply clicking. Can that be midi latency?

Is there a way to change the number of taps bitwig uses to establish tempo? Can the devs add options to fine tune this? If not, how do we go about putting up with these issues?

We are a bit lost as the bulk of what we do relies on syncing loops seamlessly with midi drums (sensory percussion) played live.

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