asked Sep 04 '19 at 02:20 by Jonnoj (11)

Hello! So here is my issue; I recently purchased a Nektar IMPACT LX25+. It came with bitwig 8-track so I decided to use this program. After setting up audio and the instrument in the settings tab, I still cannot get the keyboard to play audio. If I record in a track I can see the notes being played but I hear nothing. I also can't hear anything when playing back the track. At first I thought the entire program did not have audio, but I moved an .mp3 file into the program and played it successfully. So in conclusion; My keyboard does not play audio in bitwig. The keyboard is sending notes to bitwig, but bitwig isn't playing any audio for it.

your particular midi instrument doesn't contain a synth so you'll need to use a synth inside the daw... just another end-user not staff..


answered Sep 07 '19 at 01:51 by Hyams (31)

I'm unable to get the keyboard to play audio.

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answered Sep 09 '19 at 10:41 by saamrooker (11)

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