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Bitwig v2 had this really useful feature, where if you opened the popup browser and then dragged the window a little it would go full screen, which was extremely useful for me because I have a huge number of VSTs sorted into different collections and I hate scrolling (I'm actually using a touch screen on a Mac via UPDD).

Since v3 the popup browser no longer gets bigger when you drag it, which for me is really frustrating. Is there some way I can configure the popup browser to always fill my screen vertically?

I've literally just found the answer to my own question: Bitwig will remember the size of the popup browser, but won't allow the popup browser to overlap the device panel, unless you drag the popup browser (the very bottom section of the browser is draggable). You can enlarge the popup browser by dragging the top edge upwards. If you want the popup browser to fill the screen vertically, drag the popup browser down to the bottom (over the device panel), then drag the top edge of the browser upwards to fill the screen. The next time you open the popup browser, it won't overlap the device panel, but if you just click (or tap if using a touch screen) the bottom section of the browser, it'll immediately go back to filling the screen vertically. This large popup browser is exactly what I need to quickly navigating my large collection of VSTs on a touch screen, I love it! :)


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